Zhangjiakou City Fangzhou Chemicals Goods Co, Ltd

ZHANGJIAKOU CITY FANGZHOU CHEMICALS GOODS SALES CO.,LTD is made in Zhangjiakou city in northern China since 1998, which has more than 13 years experience of chemical raw material production ,research and Export.Caffeine raw material consists of organic and inorganic chemicals that are broadly utilized in paint, dyestuff, rubber,water treatment, Detergent, leather, Paper- making Industry and the like กค The items includealuminum sulfate 15.8%-17%,calcium chloride 74%/94%,Sodium Hexametaphosphate 68%,sodium metabisulphite 64%,carbon black N220/N330/N550/N660,Zinc 99%/99.5%-99.7%,oxalic acidity 99.6%,formic Acidity 85%/90%,Neopentyl glycol,pentaerythritol 95%/98%,rediron oxide,yellow iron oxide,carboxy methy lcellulose CMC,lithopone 28%/30%,titanium dioxide rutile/anatase and the like.Our items has transpired ISO9001 Quality System Certification. Over these years, our items are released to greater than 30 nations on the planet including European, The United States and South Usa, M...
Company: Zhangjiakou City Fangzhou Chemicals Goods Co, Ltd
Name: Liu Jonah
Telephone: 86-313-5869678
Fax: 86-313-8013372
Address: No.12 Building,Vice No.6,Jianguo Road, Qiaodong District,Zhangjiakou city, China.
country: China (Mainland)
Soda ash--Detergent Raw Materials cas:497-19-8
Soda ash--Detergent Raw Materials
Zinc oxide--Rubber Auxiliary Agents cas:1314-13-2
Zinc oxide--Rubber Auxiliary Agents